Local, Regional, States, National, International and world title events

           "Discipline Through Martial Arts!"

Local(town, city, county), regional, state,
national, international and world title events.
Participants, contestants, promotors, directors, sponsors, advertisers,
volunteers and/or hosts for the WSMA events, please contact WSMA.

            Any interested applicants should fill out the attached form and send it to WSMA  
               for any local, regional, state, national, international and world events.

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All Volunteers, Judges and other local, regional, state, national,
andinternational(outside of USA) volunteers

    Donation to WSMA:
          please call at 330-965-9000,
                        Email: info@worldSMX.com

    WSMA Volunteers
    Become a volunteer:
    Please send us a WSMA application for the event and
    WSMA for local, regional, state, national and international. 

    Master Ceremony: local and national news media professionals      
    Judges: from martial arts field, non martial arts community leaders and high level of professionals  

Marketing specialists       Business managers      Competition coordination 
Awards committee:           Publicity                        Public relation
Photographers                   Program book               Security expert
Ticket sales & Ushers       Registration                   Advertising                            
Scholarship committee     Production specialist    Back stage manager                         
Gift Liaisons                      Transportation               Board members:                
Merchandise organizer     Web site specialist       Community relations                         
Logistics specialist           Business development  
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promoters / directors for Local, regional, state, national and international

For more information about the volunteers, directors, judges or sponsorships, please email: info@worldSMX.com