Over 500 title divisions
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Miss Martial Arts


Mr. Martial Arts

Miss Martial Arts Regional

Mr. Martial Arts Regional

Miss Martial Arts State

Mr. Martial Arts State

Miss Martial Arts USA

Mr. Martial Arts USA

Miss Martial Arts America

Mr. Martial Arts America

Miss Martial Arts  National

Mr.Martial Arts National

Miss Martial Arts International

Mr. Martial Arts International

Miss Martial Arts World

Mr. Martial Arts World

All are welcome: All styles, ranks, all level and ages
from anywhere in the world

Does Not required Black Belt
  Welcome contestants from all states for regional, states,
   national, international and world events

                      Local, regional, state, national(in the US) Title events,
                             Local, regional, national(all other countries) Title events,
                             International & world Title events:

                             Miss Karate/Mr. Karate, Miss Taekwondo/Mr. Taekwondo,
                             Miss Tangsoodo/Mr. Tangsoodo, Miss Kungfu/Mr. Kungfu,
                             Teen Miss Martial Arts/Teen Mr. Martial Arts, ...

Martial Arts • Karate • Taekwondo • Tangsoodo • Judo • Kungfu Aikido • Jujitsu • Kickboxing • Tai Chi • Hapkiyudo • Hapkido    Kendo • Kumdo • Wushu • Weapon• Team Demo • Martial Arts Talent ...      

Local(town, city, county), regional, state, national and international and world WSMA events.
Participants, contestants, promoters, directors, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers and/or hosts for the WSMA events, Please contact WSMA.