• WSMX is working with all Martial Arts Organizations and individuals with utmost respect their rules, custom, pride, tradition and institutions which have been coming for hundreds of years. WSMX does not do against any individuals or organizations.
  • WSMX will work with good quality organizations and individuals. It is a great movement and investment for the world working with millions of people all over the world. It is a high standard of formal art performance and presentation with discipline, dignity and respect.
  • WSMX is accepting applications for members, businesses, organizations and Directors to represent Local (Town/City/County/Province), Regional, State and Country (National) in all over US and the world.
  • WSMX is also accepting applications for participation, hosting event, competitions, licensing, sponsorship, advertising, membership, special contributions and donations for Local, Regional, State and Country (National) in all over US and the world.

Miss Martial Arts, Mr. Martial Arts and over 500 World Title Divisions
Official Local, regional, State, National, International and World Titles

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All are Welcome: any ranks, ages, styles from anywhere in the world.
Worldwide recognition competition, Traveling or traveling, Low cost competitions from all year around.
local (town, city, county), regional, state, national, international and world WSMA events.
Participants, contestants, promoters, directors, sponsors, advertisers, Vendors,
volunteers and/or hosts for the WSMX events, please contact WSMA.

Letter from President/Grand master of WSMX / WSMA

Letters from     • the Governor of Pennsylvania
      the Mayor of City of Columbus        
the Mayor of City of Pittsburgh       the Head Football Coach of Ohio State University   

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Welcome individual, group, organization, corporation, martial arts business, health clubs and community group.
Welcome volunteers, coordinators, sponsors, advertisers, directors, of your group, organization town, town, state, or country
We support sports, martial art, events and community events.
Info for sponsorship, advertising, volunteers, licensing and certificates.
Please contact for any questions and information, info@worldSMX.com.

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